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About Peekaboo Poncho's

Hello everybody!


My name is Lucy and I am the inventor of Peekaboo Poncho. You might be wondering how I came up with the idea of having a poncho for a baby jacket. It all started out one stressful afternoon when I was trying to Christmas shop. The weather outside was cold and inside the car was toasty warm. My son was four months old at the time and he was in an infant seat. I didn't like to put a jacket on him while he was strapped in because Transportation Canada advises against it. Even more of a concern for me, however, was that he would overheat. Therefore, while parked in the parking lot mall, I hopped into the backseat, took him out, and proceeded to put his jacket on.


That turned out to be pretty stressful. He was crying, I was sweating, and every time I had one arm in, he would manage to take the other arm out. I said to myself, "I wish I had some sort of poncho that I could just slip on top of him." Later that night, I started to draw out prototypes on a napkin. The next week, I went out and purchased the fabric. My husband made fun of me when he saw that I was actually sewing it. I told him that I didn't care--I really needed a solution to my problem. Unfortunately, my measuring expertise has never been anything to brag about.


My first prototype ended up being twice the width and twice the length that I had intended it to be. To be honest, it looked a lot like a big green garbage bag. My husband made fun of me for that too. But then, I had an "ah hah!" moment. I realized that because of its length and width, I could also put it over the infant seat. Then I thought, why not turn it inside out and use it in the grocery store too? Having one product do so many things, made my life so much easier as a mom.


Even though my first prototype looked like a garbage bag, so many moms would stop to ask me where I purchased it. Thats when I thought, maybe I should sell this--so many parents would benefit from its many uses. It makes children and parents happier because it is so easy to use. Therefore, I decided to share my product with the world. I hope you enjoy it.


Thank you for reading my story.


PS: My husband is not making fun of me anymore. He has backed me up one hundred percent of the way after he started using the Peekaboo Poncho himself. Thank you sweetheart, for believing in me and in my product.