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Baby Jacket

There are two different ways of putting the Peekaboo Poncho on your child.

One way is by laying the poncho on a flat surface with the zipper open.

Gently place your child inside and close the zipper. Adjust the hat and snaps accordingly.


When in a rush, it is faster to put the poncho on the second way. Close the zipper until only a small portion remains open. Simply slip the poncho over you child’s head like you would a shirt. Close the remainder of the zipper and adjust the hat and snaps accordingly.


With a little bit of practice, the Peekaboo Poncho can easily be put

on or taken off while your child is in a forward facing car seat. To place poncho on while child is in a forward facing seat, undo the child’s restraints and slip the poncho over their head.

It is easiest if the zipper is only open slightly. Close the zipper once child’s head is through and adjust the poncho over their body when taking your child out of the car seat. To take the poncho off, place your child in their seat with the back flap of the poncho up. Place your hands underneath the front of the poncho and fasten restraints.


Lastly, open the zipper and slip the poncho off.

Car Seat Cover

To place the Peekaboo Poncho over the infant car seat, adjust the handle bar and canopy section in an upright position. Ensure that the poncho’s zipper is closed, as this will make it easier. Place your hand through the neck area of the poncho and grab the seat’s handle bar. Use the elastic at the bottom to pull the front out and around the bottom portion of the car seat. Once the front is complete, do the same with the back. Lastly, adjust the sides if needed. Velcro straps are optional and can be used to further hold the poncho in place.


Please note that the Peekaboo Poncho should be put on the infant seat once the child is in and properly restrained. The car seat cover should only be closed while outside and for short periods of time. If being used for a long period of time please ensure that the zipper is open and the slit is spread wide to provide your child with proper ventilation. Please keep in mind; it is always best to take the poncho completely off the car seat while driving.

Shopping Cart Liner

To use the Peekaboo Poncho as a shopping cart liner, place poncho inside out onto the shopping cart with the zipper completely open. Place the front of the poncho over the shopping cart handle and the back of the poncho on the back end of the seat. Adjust the poncho so that the hat falls out of the front end of the shopping cart. The side velcro straps can be used to attach child’s toys to the seat.