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What a great product!


"I have to say this is one of the best and most practical innovations i have ever seen! buy it now!"


James, Graphic Designer



Really Practical!


I received a Peekaboo Poncho for review. This is perfect timing for this review...the weather is starting to get colder and honestly... poor T looks like the stay puff marshmallow man with his jacket on running back and forth to and from the car. Plus, I take it off once he's in the car so he can be in his car seat properly.....what a pain! The worst part is running into the store but having to get them ready it a jacket that is totally uncomfortable and hard to carry them, grab the shopping cart cover, plus the diaper bag and everything else that you need. All the Mom's know what I'm talking about...lol. The Peekaboo Poncho is the answer to this, and many other, awkward situations.

This is a 3-in-1..baby jacket, shopping cart liner and car seat cover....yup, all 3! I actually picked up really quickly how to make the jacket work for me, hubby needed practice. I sat T in a seat that we keep by the do, put it over hit head and snapped and zipped him up. Got to the car, sat him in his seat... took the Peekaboo Poncho off... and buckled him in. I actually flipped it around and stuck his legs in the bottom to use as a blanket for the ride as well. Need to get out of the car again? Easy... unbuckled him, sat him up, slipped it over and picked him up...then pulled the rest down over his feet.


We went into the store and got a shopping cart.... I sat T in the back of the cart took off the Peekaboo Poncho placed the back of the poncho over the back part of the seat, put the hat through the leg hole in the cart and turned the rest of it inside out to fit over the handle bar. Wow...I made that sound really complicated, but it isn't. I loved that this covered the entire front of the cart... T couldn't touch any part of the shopping cart...it was great! Plus there's some velcro straps you can use to tether a toy to the cover.


Need a car seat cover? Easy... put up the bar of the carrier... and instead of putting it over their head as I explained before, place it over the carrier and pull the elastic edges over the front and the back of the seat. That's it!


What I liked about this... it's warm.. the exterior is water and wind resistant.. inside.. sherpa! Which means it's super soft. It's HUGE! Literally M was wearing it around the house...she said she wants to bring it baseball for cold games! Finally... it washes awesome! It gets dirty... throw it in the washer and dryer. Done.


Thanks Peekaboo Poncho!


Lisa Bruce, The Baby Bottom Line

November 22, 2013



I used Peekaboo Poncho in the shopping cart yesterday, and it is amazing! Very easy to use as well. It is not something that we see around North Bay, so lots of other moms were noticing it and asking about it. Thanks!


Stephanie R, North Bay, Ontario

November 15, 2013


Peekaboo Poncho is the most amazing thing I have ever come across! I wish I had one when my son was little enough to use it. The Peekaboo Poncho is a 3 in 1 baby product (yay for multipurpose!) – it is an infant car seat cover, a baby jacket AND a shopping cart cover.


The number one reason I love this is because it is SAFE!! I am a huge carseat safety fanatic and I cringe when I see people using a ‘bundle me’ bag in their infant carriers or see babies with winter coats/snowsuits on in their seats. Because those bundle bags go under the baby in the seat (same with coats), you need to loosen the straps to accomodate the bulk and fit around the baby. In a car accident the bulk compresses and leave the straps to loose to keep your baby safe.


The Peekaboo Poncho keeps your baby warm and SAFE because it does not go between the seat and your baby’s body! To be used as a carseat cover the poncho goes over the carrier shower cap style once your baby is safely strapped in. The hood of the poncho is positioned at the top above the carrier’s handle (when handle is in upright position), the back of the poncho gets pulled back and hooks over the back of the carrier and the front of the poncho gets pulled down and hooks under the front edge of the seat. To be able to pick the carrier up, simply put your hand inside the hood opening and you can grasp onto the handle – this also keeps mom/dad’s hand warm while out!


Once you’re in the car and the seat is safely in the base, you can either unzip the poncho or (preferrably), unhook it from the top of the car seat and pull it down to lay like a blanket over baby so they can get proper air flow during the drive. Unhooking it and folding it down like a blanket allows for easy recover when it’s time to get out of the car again.

Your little one not in an infant carrier anymore? Use the poncho as a jacket for going from house to car to keep your little one warm without having to use an unsafe winter jacket.


If your little one is big enough to sit up, you can simply pull the poncho over their head like a sweater, however, if you’re not to that stage yet, you can lay it out flat on the floor, unzip it and lay baby inside and rezip it up. When you get to the car, simply pull up the back of the poncho, sit baby in seat (you can do the straps up from underneith the poncho) and once straps are done securely just remove the poncho and lay it across them as a blanket OR flip it and slide their legs in the open bottom to cover their legs. It may sound like a lot of work from reading this, but I promise, it’s not. Once you use it you’ll get your groove and will see just how easy it is.


Karen Hill,

December 10, 2013


I am a stickler for car seat safety rules, including the one about not putting your child in a winter jacket while using a car seat. This is the first winter that my son is allowed to wear a snow suit or winter jacket in the car. He is six year old and just moved into a booster seat.


I would have jumped at the opportunity to review this product if I had been standing at the time.

I was intrigued by the advertisement that the cover could be used for both the infant and toddler car seats. The way the cover is designed lets you carry the infant and child completely covered. No need to take coats on and off or juggle a baby and a blanket.


I love this cover. It is toasty warm for the baby and keeps the material of the cover well away from her face as well as the wind and snow. It also has the added bonus that my baby stays asleep when I take her out of the car with this cover on because it is dark inside. No more naps interrupted by errands! I get things done and baby arrives home rested and happy.


My husband, however, found the cover to be slightly awkward to use. The Peekaboo Poncho can only be put on the seat with the car seat handle in the upright (carrying) position. The seat, however, can only be secured in the car with the handle down. This means that the poncho has to be removed from the seat in order to put the seat in the car safely. This results in a bit of jostling of the baby.


I did not have a chance to use the cover on a toddler car seat. However, the instructions are provided on a laminated card and are easy to follow. I don’t think I will have a problem making the transition. It can also be used as a shopping cart cover. However, this wasn’t a big selling feature for me since I am not so worried about germs.


Desirea, December 31, 2013


Love that it's easy on and off --slip--off is the best!



Snaps at the neck make it good for multiple ages.



I like that it is easy to wash and dry



I love how convenient it is! Good for any carseat and you don't have to take baby out to bundle them up!

Ashley O


Fits almost any infant car seat. That is awesome.



Putting a child into the Peekaboo Poncho is much easier than putting a child into a jacket.

Fan R


I like that it can be used as a shopping cart liner.



I love that it's versatile and can be used several different ways including a cart.



I love that it's easy to use and has an elastic around the edge to help it stay in place on the car seat.